Star Shops

House of Seafood (Punggol)
NBC BEAUTY SHOP (HarbourFront Centre)
The Good Trio (bedok mall)
BBQ BOX (Chinatown)
Sixi Restaurant
Kitchen No.8
Fu Man Yuan Restaurant
Dating Fish Music Restaurant
Steam Stone Fish
Come This Way
Xiao Yu Cun Firewood Chicken Restaurant
Manchu Restaurant chinatown
Lao Si Chuan Dou Hua Zhuang
BBQ Generation
Wang Da Ye BBQ

Food and Beverage

Sixi Restaurant

Sixi Restaurant 216

We dedicate ourselves to bring traditional Chinese Food into Singapore. ...


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Kitchen No.8

Kitchen No.8 198

Located at SSC (sembawang shopping centre), we are easily accessible. Th ...


All dishes are nice especially the Beef in the soup, spicy fish (ChongQing barbecue fish), spicy chicken cube, barbecue Pork and Beef stick, centuary egg/ham Chinese vegetables soup...etc Drinks also quite special that you can only find here.
Fu Man Yuan Restaurant

Fu Man Yuan Restaurant 140

位于义顺的中国特色餐厅。东北, 麻辣水煮系列, 本地, 四川, 炒菜煮炒, 快餐小吃, 酒水, 大盘鸡, 最新加盟, 烤鱼, 粉面, 面点, 盖 ...


BBQ BOX (Chinatown)

BBQ BOX (Chinatown) 769

BBQ Box offers a smorgasbord of grilled food options for ravenous foodie ...


BBQ Generation

BBQ Generation 313

BBQ Generation is a widely acclaimed restaurant featured with charcoal ...


差评.. 礼拜天去打包烧烤和麻辣香锅,服务态度相当不满意, 我坐在靠近柜台的座位上等,打包好了 就放在柜台 靠近服务员边上、 那个服务员竟然懒得帮我递过来,以后不管怎么好吃 都不会去吃了 失望!!!!服务真心的差!!
Bao Ding Chinese BBQ

Bao Ding Chinese BBQ 1364

Bao Ding Chinese BBQ is one of leading BBQ franchising brands in China. ...


羊肉串好吹 酸梅汤不错
House of Seafood (Punggol)

House of Seafood (Punggol) 125

When one mentions House of Seafood @ 180, The fresh wholesome catch from ...


good food, good service
Peng You Quan Mei Shi

Peng You Quan Mei Shi 107

Authentic North East Chinese cuisine. Speciality: Sauce Rib,Sizzling bee ...


Crab At Bay

Crab At Bay 32

Crab at Bay Seafood is located along Macpherson Road. With its Crab Bee ...


Yes service good and food is excellent
Dessert First

Dessert First 370

Established in 2009, Dessert First is home to delicious desserts of the ...





Hi Fruit!

Hi Fruit! 2



NBC BEAUTY SHOP (HarbourFront Centre)
Lily Nails Salon
NBC BEAUTY SHOP (Holland Village)