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Xiangcao Yunnan Original Ecology Steamboat now has 50% discount!

Created: 2017-04-26 16:11:13

Who can tell me the location of this steamboat shop?


3 hours ago

全国火锅二级运动员 小K 火锅王子


小KThis shop is at Bugis

火锅王子One of my favorite hot pot restaurant shops in Singapore

火锅控好眼 Like the mushroom here so much

Are you guys talking about the original ecology steamboat?

Now Xiangcao Yunnan Original Ecology Steamboat has 50% discount 

Don't miss it!


Lunch Time discount up to 50%

                                          Set lunch for two :Now $48(Original price $88

Set lunch for four :Now $88(Original price $148

                                          Set lunch for six:Now $128(Original price $208

                                                *T&C:Lunch time on Monday to Friday, offers cannot be used at the same time.


Like us on Facebook page 

Share pictures and tag at least 3 people on the Facebook page

then can enjoy 15% discount 

*Promotion Period: till May 25th, 2017

*Xiangcao Yunnan Original Ecology Steamboat reserves the right to explain the terms of the event.

Now check out their featured dishes!

Fresh Value Mushroom

The mushroom here is totally different from other restaurants 

It is original wild mushroom from Yunnan China 

with the nutritious soup base

make it the best taste ever~

the middle part of the pot is especially for mushroom 

before you enjoy the hot pot 

waiters will help to put mushroom in this pot for you 

up to 8 kinds of wild mushroom.

You just need to wait for 10 minutes 

then can enjoy the nutritious mushroom soup

You don't even have to go to beauty salon after drink this

Seafood, Meat & Tofu

Very big portion

Scallop, Octopus and Shrimp

all taste quite fresh 

fresh and tender pork, beef and lamb 

with proper thickness 

taste spicy and fragrant 

Pretty Xiangcao shrimp paste 

Heart-shaped shrimp paste with flower 

strongly recommend eat with tomato soup base

Some hot pot experts must like eating tofu

the tofu is from Yuntan 

Desserts & Drink


Pretty Yunnan Style decoration 

Xiangcao Yunnan Original Ecology Steamboat

Location:26 Liang Seah St, Singapore 189047


Opening Hours:11:30AM-2:00AM