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You cannot miss this amazing ICBC Koipy Dual Currency Credit Card!

Created: 2017-04-21 13:45:42

The little red dot is just like the paradise of the credit card 

with all kinds of cashback and vouchers 

the credit cards here are so much better than debit cards 

But as we know, you need to earn at least 60k per year to get a credit card as foreigners 

and every time when you back to China, 

somemore always feel that you didn't exchange enough Chinese Yuan

And there are not that many stores that accept visa or master cards in China

Check this ICBC Koipy Dual Currency Credit Card out~

It's just perfect for Chinese who live in Singapore!

We just officially launched this credit card 

but already got so many positive feedbacks 

and got quite a few questions as well.

Here we compelled all the questions below


This card is settled on CNY if I use in Singapore?

It's settled on SGD in Singapore and CNY in China



Can I deposit RMB for this card?

You can deposit at ICBC bank but they only accpet nominal value of 100 RMB.

You still can use the credit but don't have to deposit first.



Can I use my Dependent's Pass to apply for this credit card?

Can if you are working and earn more than 30k per year.



Will the corporated merchants increase in the future?

For now card holders can enjoy 12% discount at more than 30 stores,  and will increase to more than 50 stores in the near future.



How much I earn then can apply for this credit card?

Earn more than 30k. The valid date of the working pass need to be at least 9 months.



Is it easy to pay off the credit card debts ?

For now you can pay off by AXS, online back(ICBC, UOB, DBS), Counter, and cheque.




Is there any minimum consumption for the $20 vouchers ?

You need to pay by this credit card with the minimum consumption above 20.




All Koipy's merchants can give discount?

Not really. Kindly pleasr check the lists of the merchants via this link




I don't have laptop/printer and cannot download Letter of instruction then how?

You can go to the ICBC counter to get Letter of Instruction, or you can fill in the information on mobile end and request ICBC to mail you the Letter.



How about the settlement overseas (except Singapore or China)?

It's SGD-settled with only 1.5% extra fee.



Why i failed to submit the application

May it's overtime. For every page you can stay for 15 mins most. And the system will remind you 5 mins earlier. You can call the hotline at 63695588 if any problem.



How long I will get confirmation from ICBC  after submission?

ICBC will contact you by email or phone call within 3 working days.


The Application Procesure 

Step 1: Enter the application page and click on "online application"

Step 2:Choose the card you want to apply for 

You can choose either one above

Step 3:Fill in the information


Step 4:Choose when you want to get supplemental card

You can double check all the information before submission

Step 5:Upload supporting documents

If your supporting documents are not ready yet, you can choose "no" 

then send all documents to ICBC via email

Step 6:点击“下一步”申请成功!

Scan the QR code to start the application 

Now we have special benefits for application 

the first 30 applicants can screenshot the results and send to K girl

then we will give you RM28.8 Ang Pow