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Come and Try This Elegant Grilled Fish Restaurant~

Created: 2017-04-06 09:50:11

Now it is the season to enjoy beautiful sakura 

as well as bass

Speaking of grilled fish, food lovers must have tried before 

no matter Si Chuan style or soy sauce flavor, 

probably everyone has their preference already 

But, at this 89th global chain store, 

Shu Jiang Grilled Fish 

they serve various flavors and are well-loved by customers.

With the elegant and delicate decorating style,

you can enjoy the grilled fish with elegant manners as well!

Maybe it is difficult for you to choose the flavor, 

since they serve golden sour and spicy flavor, fragrance flavor, 

pickled pepper flavor and soy sauce flavor 

we strongly recommend these two flavors as follows 

Soy Sauce Grilled Sea Bass

For those who cannot take spicy flavor

Deep-sea bass has less bone and tight meat 

even the potato and other vegetables are also quite tasty 

99.9 % of the customers will come back and try it one more time.

The fresh bass is grilled in big fire 

then only can serve to you

The vegebale and ham have absorbed the secret recipe soup 

make the fish meat even more fresh and delicious

Spicy Grilled Bass

Not oily at all 

Compared to sea bass, this bass is even softer 

the skin become more crispy after grilled with thick soup  

A bunch of fresh ingredients

Look at those red chili, 

set off the meat fish even more delicious!

Well, Shu Jiang also has other signature dishes 

such as 

Sesame-flavored Spicy Black Fungus

Quite tasty and delicious black fungus 

with sesame sauce and Chinese pepper oil,

 the taste is even more refreshing 

Shu Jiang Peppery Chicken

Fragrant and crispy chicken can make your tongue a little bit numb 

which is the perfect snacks when watching movie 

Milk Flavor Bean Curd

If you come to try this restaurant, 

don't forget to order this bean curd 

and enjoy the secret recipe sauce 

Fried sticky rice, garlic cucumber and fish skin are all strongly recommended~

Here comes our special promotion

Lunch Promo 

Grilled Sea Bass at half price!

Period: from now till 30th April 2017

Monday to Friday: 11:30m-3:30pm (excluding PH)

T&C: with minimum consumption of $80 

Dinner Promo 

Enjoy grilled fish at half price for lunch, and just add on $1 to get another dish 

Week 1:add on $1 for side dish 

(4 dishes per fish)

Week 2:add on $1 fpr appetizer

(Golden fried fish skin, sesame-flavored spicy black fungus, meat floss with fried eggplants, peppery steamed chicken with chili sauce)

Week 3:add on $3 for any vegetable dishes

(one dish only)

Week 4:$5 for meat 

( Pineapple sweet and sour pork, Shu Jiang spicy fried chicken, fried chicken sauce with honey sauce, one in three )

Period: from now till 30th April 2017

Monday to Thursday:  excluding PH

T&C: with minimum consumption of $30 

Address:2 Jurong East Street 21 #02-25, IMM Building, Singapore 609601

Open Hours:11am-10pm (last order 9.30pm)