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Come to Nanking Restaurant and get free Salted Duck~

Created: 2017-03-31 14:56:29

Nanking, the capital city of eight dynasty

has seen a variety of emperor changes

only the Nanking cuisine, remains.








Nanking Restaurant

The portrait of ladies as wall paper

depicted the historical changing over thousands of years.

What you are tasting is not only food, but the flavor of a city

Recently, Nanking Restaurant celebrated its 1 year anniversary

Thus coming up with a special bonus

Join us as membership

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And enjoy FREE

Boiled Salted Duck or Duck and noodle soup 

(Choose either one from two)

P.S. All customers have free parking for first 2 hours


Now let's take a look at some typical Nanking cusine

>>>Nanking Salted Duck<<<

>>>Duck Noodle Soup<<<

>>>Sweet and Sour fish<<<

The outer shapes was fried into crispy

Based on its squirrel-like appearance

People name it "Songshu Yu" (squirrel fish)

>>>Braised meat ball<<<

If you tear it apart, there are mushroom, meat, vegetables inside mixed together

>>>Iced lemon oysters<<<

>>>Chili crab<<<

>>>Thin sheets of beancurd<<<

Made of beacurd, but appears with slight milk fragrance

Added with some spicy soup

Tastes absolute delicious~

Desserts and other small dishes

>>>Rice ball in fermented<<<

While the weather is still cold in Nanking, a bowl of boiled glutinous rice ball in fermented endorses you with whole body with warmth and nostalgic……

Adress:64932331 91457880,500 Jalan Sultan,

#01-10, S199020


Tel:64932331 91457880

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