55 Steamboat Buffet

55 Steamboat Buffet

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55 Steamboat Buffet


$5.5 Only!You can eat such a great steamboat buffet!
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55 Steamboat @ 55 South Bridge Road, between Clark Quay and Boat Quay. It is a not only non-traditional but traditional steamboat restaurant, with the most traditional taste of steamboat and with the coffee house interior design. Locating at CBD area, we are determined to seek peace and quiet in noisy surroundings. At 55, you could challenge the hot and spicy soup which gives you a compulsive taste and experience; you could choose the tomato soup which brings you a fresh and comfortable feelings; you could also choose to taste the pork bone soup which provides you with healthy care. We are offering the double steamboat soup base at the table area for friends bondings or family gatherings, and meanwhile, we are also offering mini steamboat soup base at the bar area for single diners or couple diners. Rich and a variety of seafood, beef, mutton, and vegetables are ready for the diners to enjoy and explore. Last but not least, you could enjoy 55 steamboat as in buffet! Enjoy steamboat, enjoy free life. Come and visit us at 55 Steamboat at 55 South Bridge Road.

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:55 South Bridge Road, #01-01 , Singapore 058686

:Sun-Thu 12pm-10pm, Fri-Sat & PH 12pm-12am


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味道不错 空调有点冷 作为自助餐 价钱很公道 环境也很好
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Value for money. Good quality food and soups.
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