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After two year's effort and development, Old Chengdu SiChuan Cuisine has attracted a large amount of food aficionados. However, sticking to the past is not our style; introducing Chinese popular dishes is our attitude. Veritable Sichuan flavor, right here in Old Chengdu SiChuan Cuisine. 
Our restaurant is in very convenient location. Coming out from Chinatown MRT exit A, it is right at your left side. We have to flours, and can accommodate 160 customers together. It is suitable for friends gathering, family dinner, birthday party, and classmates meeting. One elegant private room for up to 20 customers is also available on second level. 

Old Chengdu SiChuan Cuisine sincerely welcome your presence!

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80/82 Pagoda Street Singapore 059239
80/82 Pagoda Street

11am to 1:30 am


Member Privileges

10% off (one fruit plate for private room reservation)
*Reservation discount not valid on eve of Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year, two days after Chinese New Year.
Point Reward
$5 = 1 point
Free 0 points for member
10 point
1 Homemade Plum Syrup / Soft Drink
20 point
Homemade Fried Icecream /Cucumbers In Garlic /Bean Jelly
60 point
Kung Pao Chicken / Fish Favoured Pork Shreds / Spicy Dried Bean Curd
200 point
Fish Slice Succulene / Fragrant Pot Pigs Intestines
500 point
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