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Celebrate Mother's day at The Good Trio~ We've prepared meals and special bonus for you

Created: 2017-05-05 09:33:52

Next week is the Mother's day

How are you going to celebrate this festival?

Calling on mom

telling her you are going to invite her for dinner this time?

Don't worry. We have prepared sets and meals for you~

Let's find out

Nutritious Stew-Pot Chicken with Mushrooms

The slow-cooked tender and succulent kampong chicken is well infused with over five different types of mushrooms. 

This nourishing soup helps strengthen the body’s immunity and enhances beauty.


Alalone, Shrimp, Chicken wing, mushrooms mixed together in a dish

Not only the perfect color design, but the nutrition is super beneficial for moms.

Deep Fried Corn-Shape Fish 

Can you imagine this is fish? Not corn?

Once bitten, twice try!

covered with ketchup, it's really difficult to tell!!

Seafood with Pork and Salted Egg Yolk in Chicken Broth

Unlike normal meatballs

this Seafood with Pork and Salted Egg Yolk in Chicken Broth is made by hand

the soup is boiled with chicken taste for 6 hours

Stir-fried Yam with Sesame

Stir-fried to a crisp exterior with a warm, puffy core of mashed yam. 

The natural sweetness of the yam is further enhanced with a layer of sugar. 

Handmade Popiah with Shredded Lean Meat

Inspired by the traditional peking duck, the freshly handmade popiah is served with shredded lean meat. 

Stir-fried Vegetables with Black Fungus & Mushrooms 

Asparagus, ginko nut, white beech mushroom are stir-fried together in harmony - a nutritious dish which vegetarians love!

Braised Nanping Noodle

The flavourful broth is well infused with bountiful ingredients such as seafood, pork and vegetable – immensely tasty and sweet. The springy thin-strands of noodle absorb the goodness, making every mouthful a delight!

Steamed Wanton with Chilli

Encased in a delicate handmade dumpling skin, the succulent filling is made with a combination of pork, prawn, water chestnut for a balanced medley of textures and flavours.

Hot Yam Paste in Coconut 

The crowd-pleasing yam paste is made perfect with the coconut milk and sweet coconut juice - fragrant, sweet and creamy. Served in a young coconut husk, it lends an extra richness to it~ ⛱️

Not had enough?

See more via: http://www.thegoodtrio.com//content/uploads/2017/03/TGTmainmenu2017web.pdf

母亲节 ▍带妈妈吃一顿好饭

Special bonus

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The good Trio chilli sauce


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The good Trio chilli sauce + Maltose cashews

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