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Yuan Kang TCM, curing all your unwell conditions in 30 min

Created: 2017-04-12 10:18:26

Everyday trapped in a small office

along with the freezing cold air con

How do you feel?

Perhaps it's a bit overreacted to go see a doctor?

In this regard, there's a Clinic of Chinese Medicine

YuanKang TCM

overcome all your unwell conditions 

Localed in City Plaza outside the HDB

which feels familiar and convenient to go

Take a look at the envir inside~

About how it's gonna cure all the problem?

Let's go find out

Test 1

Program:Face slimming

The left face is larger because of regularly chewing habit on one side 


ultrasonic technology

Because the left side of face is larger, the doctor start from the left side first

This is how it feels like after ultrasonic

Does it looks better?

Test 2

Treatment: Leg slimming

Leg slimming

After massaging for 30 min

the left leg looks slimmer

Let's make a comparison



The doctor suggest everyone to keep warm of legs from cold air con

There are also bone adjustment,

vertebra adjustment




If you worry about the price

here's the list

Not so terrible, right? Compared with the highly expensive treatment fee in Singapore

Let along we have offer you special discounts..

Discount One

☑Facial treatment, body slimming, and therapy massage enjoys 30% off

Discount Two

☑ All set below enjoys 10% off


*Discount only avaliable from Mon-Thu (PH excluded)

*All rights served by Yuankang TCM

Yuan Kang TCM

AddressNo. 500 Guillemard Road #01-02 S399839