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The first whole-grilled lamb in SG! get Free box of Beer here!

Created: 2017-01-10 12:22:30

The first Beijing Style

Whole-grilled lamb is HERE IN SG!

The indoor decoration is great and classic Beijing-palace style

The service hosts

in Lounge room

are all wearing traditional suits 

All ready to eat!

Whole-grilled Lamb

After 72 hours preparation

4 hours grilling

The lamb meat is tender and juicy!

The skin is crispy
while the mutton is so alluring

Ribs are the best!

Spicy Mutton

The lamb can be served in 3 ways

The rest of the grilled mutton can be served as


Lamb Bone soup

The soup is done with lamb bones and traditional herbs

healthy and delicious!

Lamb Spine Pot

The soup base in Lamb Spine Pot is also their Signature

They've even got Karaoke in Lounge Room!

You can also order grilled lamb

@ 2nd floor

(each table enables 15 pax)

Whole Grilled Lamb Tips

  1. Book 3 days in advance for preparation

  2. $588 suits for more than 15 pax 

  3. Recommend 3 ways tasting


order whole-grilled lamb&getA FULL BOX OF BEER(worth$96)


shop before Feb2

getLamb spine Pot per pax(worth $42)!

(get it for free when 4 pax come together upon next entry! )

Promotion 3

No least spending limitation when booking the lounge room during promotion

(except the lunar new year's eve & lunar new year)


*shop over $3000 and get 12% off for half a year


*Drinks&wine, grilled lamb leg not included in promotion 4

*Cannot enjoy with other discount

Manchu Restaurant


18 Smith Street,Singapore 058932



Operation Time

11am - 11pm