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Looking for the Gambling King of Singapore!

Created: 2016-12-23 09:45:31

There is a boss

he want to challenge all the gambling kings,

you can decide your discount

with rolling the dice!

This restaurant must be

Small Seafood & BBQ

How to play

3 dices

Roll out the leopard(666):80% OFF

Roll out the shunza(123,234...):30% OFF

Roll out in pairs(11*,22*....):20% OFF

If have neither one?

no worry

Consolation Prize10% OFF

Promotion period:26-22.12.2016

Do you like this deal?

Seafood Mix


And two soft shell crab

This seafood mix is much smaller than others

suitable for small group

And with a super good price $68!!

BBQ Scallop

BBQ mantou slices

Mutton shashlik

Scallop braised bird eggs

Affordable and delicious


Steamed Glutinous rice

This dessert Looks like a coal

Steamed Seafood

Big discount!

Order“Seafood Mix


Steam crabs”worth $20

Promotion Period:22.12.2016-22.02.2017

T&C:Must show this post to merchant to redeem

Small seafood & BBQ


No 201 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058750




11 am-5 am