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Wider dining area & Seats available at Frog Meat & Fish Head Restaurant!

Created: 2016-12-07 10:06:53

There is a restaurant,

popular with it's signature dish “Frog Meat & Fish Head”

for last 3 years!

People often need to queue up!

It is a restaurant of character

You may no need to queue up!

The  second floor is now open to customers as dining area

Restaurant decoration provide an overall friendly warm feeling

Good place for family dinner and friends gathering

■ Self servicesauces & Snacks

24 Kinds of sauces,Chicken Feet with Pickled Peppers、Shredded Potatoes…

All Free!

RED RICE ROLL —— Must Try!

■ Spicy Soupbases & Mushroom Soupbases 

Frog Meat fresh and tender

super match with fish

The spicy taste house our taste buds!

Frog Meat and bones separate easily

Fresh Spotted silver carp head,

No Fishy taste AT ALL

Spotted silver carp head tasted so tender!

■ Other Soupbases——Three Treasures of cattle

Combination of beef、sinews、tripes

■ Other Rinse dishes

Well-structured in the mouth with a base of spicy but delicious

■ 自Home-made beverage & dessert 

Mango Pudding


Privilege 2

Scan QR code at sopt enjoy 15% OFF

Period:Until 13.01.2017

From Monday to Thursday(Not include PH & eve)

T&C:Buffet,minimum 2 pax

Lao Cheng Du Frog Meat & Fish Head reserves the rights to the final explanation

Frog Meat & Fish Head


5 Mosque Street Singapore 059485



Operation Hours

From 11am — 2am


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