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Taste of Home-style! enjoy great Chinese food for $16.8 only !!

Created: 2016-12-01 11:50:25

Hey guys!

There is a great restaurant on the North side

NO service charge!


a clean and comfortable environment for dining

loved by many food fans!

Health ducks

delicious duck soup

so yummy but not greasy!

duck soup makes you refreshing in scorching weather

Chicken with Potato

an old hen with potato stewed over 2 hours

very tasty !!!

Pork Knuckle in Red Braising Sauce

slow-cooked pork knuckle 

nutritive and flavorful

Sauteed Shredded Pork in Sweet Bean Sauce

a traditional dish from china

eat with soy bean paste

Roast Fish

fresh fish with vegetables


Sizzling Beef Steak

toast beef and vegetable on iron sheet

Steamed Egg Lable

a very common dish in Chinese family

simple but toothsome

First Reward

special SET MENU for 2 persons only $16.8(including 2 bowls of rice )


Chicken with Chilli Pepper ▲chili and sour potato ▲egg and tomato soup


Kung Pao chicken ▲dry fried string beans ▲laver and egg soup

Second Reward


▲hotpot ▲vegetables ▲meat

Tom yum\spicy\chop soup(choose one from the three)

shrimp\vegetables(choose one from the two)

beef\lamb\pork(choose one from the three)

term:at lest 2 persons

time:long-term effective

Kopiy Reward points

50 points 1 soft drink

100 points 1dish under $10

350points Chongqing Roast Fish

福 满 苑


BLK 261 Yishun St 22 #01-137, Singapore 760261




11:45–15:30, 18:30–22:30