Good Come Again(Geylang)

Good Come Again(Geylang)


Good come again is a famous barbecue brand from the northeast Chuangchun, over the years we have prepared an exclusive barbecue recipes, traditional baking methods, and the best selection of local barbecue ingredients, allowing you enjoy very decent Northern BBQ, we have won the trust and praise of our customers. Today, Singapore’s “Good Come Again” is now located in 91# Geylang road Singapore 389204. Since our shop open, we have attracted a lot of customers who like the Northeast barbecue. In order to satisfy our customers’ needs, we have also added variety of cooking series, lounge with balcony, suitable for family gatherings and dinner guests. In addition, in order to cater to the taste of Chinese students, the shop also specially prepared Chuangchun’s spicy pot, welcome everyone come and enjoy. 

8 Lorong 1 Geylang Road Singapore 389118

11;30pm - 12am Monday 5pm - 12am