Bao Ding Chinese BBQ(mosque st)

Bao Ding Chinese BBQ(mosque st)


Bao Ding Chinese BBQ is one of leading BBQ franchising brands in China. Bao Ding is famous of its "Grilled chicken head, Grilled chicken neck, Grilled chicken feet". Other signature foods like “Grilled dried Dofu, Grilled pork trotter, Wanzhou grilled fish, and Spicy shabu belly” also worth to try. Bao Ding BBQ is very special because all meet was treated by its secret sauces. you must try this restaurant if you are willing to have the original Chinese BBQ.

Signature Food


Grilled Chicken Head


Grilled Chicken Feet


Grilled Chicken Neck


Grilled Special Dry Sausage


Grilled Port Trotter


Grilled Dry Tofu with Vegetable


Baked Lamb Chop


Baked Lamb Shank


Grilled Dry Tofu


Grilled Pork Belly with Enoki


Wanzhou Gilled Fish with Sauces


Spicy Shabu Belly





16/17 mosque street, S059496

11am - 4am