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Join Old Chengdu prize draw to win Iphone 7 Plus!

Created: 2017-01-10 13:39:22

The spring festival is just around the Corner

for those people who may not back china to celebrate chinese new year

no worry

Old Chengdu 

carry the hone town reunion dinner for you!

air flown Sichuan sausage,braised pork with soy sauce,dried chicken

200% made in Sichuan

LaWei platter

  Authentic Sichuan Dishes

both a uniquely Chinese and indispensable part of the Sichuan Spring feast. 

Longgan Meat

another indispensable part of the Sichuan Spring feast.

                                                      marbled meat + sweet sticky rice

Braised pork

crispy on the outside and soft on the inside

Lots of collagen

Steamed prawns with garlic

Lucky draw

Until 10. feb.2017

every spend of $50 can get a  Old Chengdu lottery ticket

(Spend $100 get 2)

Grand Prize

Iphone7 plus!

First Prize

$300 cash voucher

Second Prize

$200 cash voucher

Third Prize

$100 cash voucher

Consolation prize X20

any one dish price blow $28.8

chinese new year eve dinner get double change to draw


Sichuan sausage,braised pork with soy sauce,dried chicken

dates other than 

27.Jan need book at least one in advance!

Old Chengdu Sichuan cuisine


80/82 Pagoda Street S059239 

operation hours



62226858 85001776