The Good Trio (Thomson Plaza)

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The Good Trio (Thomson Plaza)

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Experience the greatest trio of life
Comfort food, people and conversations.

The soul of The Good Trio lies not only in serving up culinary delicacies but a place for social interaction and comfort.

Though deceptively presented with a simple aesthetic, the dishes achieve sublime perfection with impeccable ingredients, through meticulous and often time-consuming preparations.

A meal at The Good Trio offers diners comfort food outside of the hustle and bustle.

Terms & Conditions:

*No cash refunds.  Not valid with other discounts and promotions.

Redeem rewards are not valid on mother’s day, eve of PH and PH, one week before Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year and two weeks after Chinese New Year. All rights reserved by The Good Trio.


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    The Waiters and Waitresses are very friendly.
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301 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Plaza #01-111, Singapore 574408

Mon - Thur Lunch <11:30am to 3pm, 2:30pm last order> Dinner <5:30pm to 10pm, 9:30 last order> Fri - Sun PH & PH Eve <11:30am to 3:30pm, 3pm Last order Dinner <5:30pm to 10pm, 9:30 last order>


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Celebrate Mother's day at The Good Trio~ We've prepared meals and special bonus for you